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Adelaide Cioni

After a career as a translator of American Literature, Adelaide Cioni decided, upon finishing the translation of John Cheever’s diaries […]

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October 2021

Ignacio Uriarte

Ignacio Uriarte’s extensive body of work stems from a shifted perspective from his former job in administration to become an […]

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Portrait Maja Escher

July 2021

Maja Escher

Maja Escher is based in Lisbon, Portugal, where she moved from Odemira, in Alentejo. Her parents were early migrants of […]

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Portrait of Chen-Kang wang

April 2021

Chen-Kang Wang

(A letter in an unknown rose voice) Art is like a big explosion which breaks the linearity of time. When […]

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Portrait of Naissa Bjørn

June 2021

Naissa Bjørn

Based in London, Naissa Bjørn is an emerging movement artist, trained in contemporary dance and circus. His dance practice is […]

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April - May 2021

Willa Hildtich

Based in London, Willa Hilditch works mainly with drawing and painting. Her studio practice revolves around found objects, paper sculptures, […]

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August - September 2021

Rachel Duckhouse

What drew us to Rachel Duckhouse, an artist based in Glasgow, was her interest in patterns, whose origin she links […]

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