June 2021

Naissa Bjørn

Portrait of Naissa Bjørn

Based in London, Naissa Bjørn is an emerging movement artist, trained in contemporary dance and circus. His dance practice is heavily informed by his lived queer experience, and navigating the dance and performance world as a queer artist.

Naissa is currently researching the concept of things we perceive as ‘jarring’ or wrong. What makes us decide something looks wrong? Do our past experiences and socialisation influence how we decide things are wrong? Can there be beauty in the wrong?

He has been exploring this concept by documenting his own choreography on video, and editing it in a ‘jarring’ way. These videos highlight the uncomfortable, the missed details and the imperfections in movement that are often viewed as aesthetically wrong and unimportant.

 Through the method of ‘jarring’, Naissa will respond to the Worlding space by creating a site specific video.


Photo credit: Gabriella Piccaluga.