August - September 2021

Rachel Duckhouse

What drew us to Rachel Duckhouse, an artist based in Glasgow, was her interest in patterns, whose origin she links to an old memory of seventies wallpaper when she was a child. She works primarily in drawing and print-making based on research projects through residencies in scientific communities or immersive experiences in the urban or natural landscape.

She abstracts and at times superimposes repeated rhythms, patterns and structures found in ecosystems, architectures, organic bodies and patterns of thought. Her ex- perimental drawings and etchings, as well as her sculptural and design commissions are often derived from working with specialists and/or communities and developed through conversation, archive research, observation and sketchbook drawing.

In fact, the sketchbook is a central method which she considers to be a « way to communicate », helping her to produce « visualisations that are not representa- tions ». Working remotely towards a physical presence in the Worlding studio space, she proposed to research “the physical nature of a thought”, and how a remote space can change “the brain chemistry”. Hence, she explored Elephant & Castle through digital platforms such as Google Maps. Moreover, the empty space of the studio, during the third lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic, is used as her working premise. Can one experience space remotely? What is mental space? How is space experienced physically, after a projective imagining of its features? What is emptiness? How do we see space in our mind’s eye? How does it then affect our experience of it?

Rachel Duckhouse’s drawings and prints have been acquired by international col- lections including The British Museum, Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York.

Watch Rachel’s Drawscape here and let yourself drift through her lines.