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Why should you Support us?

We looked around and noticed that everyone was struggling to create and to experience art, both artists and audiences. We also noticed that creativity lodges itself anywhere and in any circumstances, as complex as they may be. During the pandemic new platforms were created, new connections were made. We felt closer to creative processes than ever before and yet removed from the art world during each lockdown. But we got excited with the possibility of talking, writing and experiencing art in a new way. Worlding is a way for you to be involved in the creative process and to actively support it.
And for that, of course, we need artists.
You are supporting a residency program, for national and international artists to have a space to create freely and to be assisted by a curating environment, reflected in a dynamic and exciting website content.
We believe that we are going through a creative, innovative phase. Supporting us, is, in a small way, contributing to this change. There is a number of artists creating fantastic things, offering new and visionary ways of living and thinking. We can change how we can exhibit, experience and support them.
So Worlding is our small contribution – and potentially yours too.


Worlding, above all, is a way to experience art, both for artists and audiences, in its creative process.

Supporting us is supporting a new way of experiencing art through:

– open studio visits – a direct relation with the artist;

– supporting the artist with a curatorial environment working towards the development of their career;

– production of new work;

– immersion in the creative process through conversations, and online content;

– accessible and enjoyable videos, interviews and texts about creativity with artists and curators online.

Whether you’re in London or elsewhere, you’ll always be able to experience in the flesh or remotely what our artists are doing, because we create content with the sole purpose of rendering their unique perspectives on the world palpable, and enjoyable. You will also be financially supporting artists and us: creatives and their platform.


* You can donate through our PayPal donation page link below. Any contribution is better than £0! Every little support counts.

* You can support us with as little as a £5 through our Patreon page (under construction, please bear with us, we’re preparing really nice goodies), where we reward every single contribution with a special gift.

* There is a more exclusive way of supporting us, which is being an Angel. It will give you privileged access to our artists and their work. It is also a more active role if you wish it to be – we love getting feedback and ideas from our Angels. Get in touch with us to know more: and