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Browse here for interviews with artists about their practice and their path to creativity, with a particular focus on drawing. Worlding, above all, is a way to experience art, both for artists and audiences, in its creative process.

That's why we feel so connected to drawing, this strange discipline that pervades everything and that can take us to video, to ecology, thought processes and diagrams. Enjoy!

Maja Escher: Interview

For Worlding, Maja chose to work on the sixth iteration of her project “Rain Machine”, a utopian quest for a device […]

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The Listening Biennial

The Listening Academy is an independent research academy focusing on listening as a philosophical, artistic, social and somatic issues. This […]

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Willa Hilditch: Interview

Willa Hilditch spent two months at the Worlding studio, which allowed her to develop her practice in new and unexpected […]

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Naissa Bjørn: First Date in the Space

When I first entered the space I felt a strong presence, something living and there with me. Each part of […]

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Chen-Kang Wang: Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet is a performance project done during my stay with Worlding. We went though the spaces of in-betweenness in […]

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Rachel Duckhouse : Drawscape

Watch this Drawscape and let yourself drift into Rachel Duckhouse’s abstracted patterns from water engineering, bio architecture to Scottish fields. […]

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