Chen-Kang Wang: Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet is a performance project done during my stay with Worlding.

We went though the spaces of in-betweenness in the city of London.

How do we look at the space outside the space of betweenness?

Have you ever thought that we could glance at eternity while we are passing through in-betweenness?

Have you realised that this one-way trip synchronises with linear time movements?

Have you ever had the opportunity to stay in the in-betweenness?

The city is an animal, a kaleidoscope.

We cannot stop its development, and we cannot really keep a place for a certain thing or a certain person.

Flowing, stopping, getting lost, might be the strongest common vocabularies among all the city travellers.

No boundaries, only steps.


Duration: 5′ 40” (reduced version).

Chen-Kang Wang