The Listening Biennial

The Listening Academy is an independent research academy focusing on listening as a philosophical, artistic, social and somatic issues. This entails a relation to sonic, performative and ecological practices, sound studies research, and experimental pedagogy. The Listening Academy London has been devised by Lucia Farinati in collaboration with Brandon LaBelle and the artists run space Errant Sound as part of The Listening Biennale, Berlin. It took place at the Culpeper Community Garden from 19-23 July 2021 together with Leah Bassel, Caroline Bergvall, Blanc Sceol, Anja Borowicz Richardson, Mireille Fauchon, John Hughes, Zoe Katsilerou, Hardi Kurda, Kate Lacey, Yoojin Lee, K MacBride, Francisco Mazza, Laura Netz, Margarita Novikova and at Worlding. Enjoy a snippet of this experimental endeavour that took place in our studios.